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Balkan Bakery is a supplier of frozen baked goods and frozen products for baking, including frozen doughs.

The company has a baking tradition that has been passed down the generations since 1936. 


Balkan Bakery is the leading company in its field, and supplies its products to hundreds of customers throughout Israel.

The company factory produces frozen ready-to-bake products with various fillings: Frozen dough, yeast dough/pastry/cakes, frozen pastries (ready-to-bake products) and more.

Contact Us

Balkan Bakery

HaHidekel 10 st.

I.A. Gav Yam Park, Pavilion 5,



Tel. 972-89-332332

Fax. 972-89-328025


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Our Story

Our story begins somewhere in 1936, in the Balkans (Bulgaria), where patriarch Joseph Ben Dor, familiar as the famous figure appearing in the company's logo, founded the first bakery that became over the years a successful enterprise. This was due to his special recipes that use high-quality raw materials and devoted handiwork.


The talent for creating the baked goods was passed on to his sons and his grandsons, who decided to continue the tradition in Israel, and in 1988 the company was established in Israel under the brand name "Balkan Bakery". Balkan Bakery is the leader in the field of baked goods, and supplies hundreds of customers throughout Israel with raw materials and fresh baked products each and every day. The company's main plant is located in the city of Yavneh in central Israel, and it produces frozen ready-to-bake products with various fillings.

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