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Our Story

Our story begins somewhere in 1936, in the Balkans (Bulgaria), where patriarch Joseph Ben Dor, familiar as the famous figure appearing in the company's logo, founded the first bakery that became over the years a successful enterprise.

This was due to his special recipes that use high-quality raw materials and devoted handiwork.


The talent for creating the baked goods was passed on to his sons and his grandsons, who decided to continue the tradition in Israel, and in 1988 the company was established in Israel under the brand name "Balkan Bakery".

Balkan Bakery is the leader in the field of baked goods, and supplies hundreds of customers

throughout Israel with raw materials and fresh baked products each and every day.


The company's main plant is located in the city of Yavneh in central Israel, and it produces frozen ready-to-bake products with various fillings.


The Purchasing Department

The company places uncompromising emphasis on first-rate raw materials.

The company is therefore in constant contact with the raw materials suppliers, and scrupulously observes strict standards of supplying quality merchandise, which constitutes the well known basis for their choice baked products.


The Production Line

Balkan Bakery's high-quality products are produced by hand with minimal help from machines,

according to special recipes from the Bulgarian family's first bakery.


Ever since then, Balkan Bakery has been considered the most successful in its field,

thanks to use of those old recipes, choice raw materials and mostly hand work, creating wonderful authentic flavors and excellent quality.


Service and Marketing

The company's sales agents and telemarketing team are entrusted with the marketing of the products.

The team has continuous, family-oriented and warm relations with existing customers and

many potential customers. Most of the team's activity involves training and guidance of both new and existing customers, starting with setting up baking areas and ending with the finer details.


Emphasis is placed on the correct baking process, which makes Balkan Bakery products the leading products on the market. Balkan Bakery's customer service department is responsible for continuous, courteous and warm communication with the customer. The telemarketers receive orders and announce specials, as well as coordinating the orders for product  deliveries in an efficient, effective and enjoyable manner.

Distribution and Operations

The distribution and operations personnel supervise the distribution process, maintaining

proper refrigeration from the production phase until delivery to the customer.


The operations department utilizes a computerized navigation system that serves it faithfully 

in an organized distribution plan according to a regular and precise timetable.


The company has a fleet of trucks that reaches all its clients from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south.

The customers receive the products in a timely fashion and with lots of love,

goodwill, and courteous and professional service from the company's drivers.


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